Tianjiang Pharmaceutical
Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. which is a under the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation ("Sino Pharm"). Tianjiang Pharmaceutical was founded in 1992, and is a developer of Chinese medicine formula granules and pioneer in the field of scientific research, industrialization and market sales. In our industry, we have the granules with the largest scale, the most comprehensive strength and a complete supply chain in the pharmaceutical field in China.
Chinese granule herbal extracts
Tianjiang Chinese medicine formula granules are each made with a single TCM ingredient. Each unique herb is decocted according to traditional TCM methods, and goes through a series of processes including extraction, concentration and drying.
The products maintain the property, flavor, and effect of a traditional TCM herbal decoction, and the process provides more stable and reliable high-quality products. The herbal extracts suit the demands of TCM practices and are convenient for patients to take. It offers quick absorption, accurate dosing, and protection from contaminants.
To promote the modernization of Chinese medicine and realize the dream of human health.
To be the pioneer and leader of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules.
Inheriting innovation, being pragmatic and enterprising, and loving Chinese medicine.
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